Quadruple Scull Without Coxswain (4x)

Coxless quad sculls (4x) are medium sized boats for four people with two oars each.

Quad sculls are with or without coxswains.

Steering in a coxless quad is normally done with a special swiveling foot stretcher.

The length of a coxless quad scull is approximately 13.4m (44 feet)

The minimum weight of a coxless quad is 52 Kg (114 pounds)

The Australian Mens Quad Scull, Bronze Medal winners at the 1999 World Championships.


This photo shows a Grafton Rowing Club Coxless Quad rowing under Grafton Bridge. The crew is Earl Cruickshank (stroke), Graham Causley, Geoff Edgar and Tony Benfield (bow)

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