Pair (2-)

Pairs (also called pair oars) are small boats for two people with one oar each.

In the past there were also coxed pairs, but they are normally not raced much anymore.

Steering is normally done with a special swiveling foot stretcher.

The length of a pair is approximately 10.4m (34 feet)

The minimum weight of a pair is 27 Kg (59 pounds)


This picture shows Grafton Rowing Club members Pat Catzikiris and Valmay Rutherford rowing a coxless pair in the 1992 NSW Masters Regatta at Grafton.


A coxless pair in action. This pair is David Ramage and Paul Guest (both from Banks Rowing Club in Victoria), Australia's representatives in the coxless pair at the 1968 Mexico Olympics (in a winning position in the final, Ramage and Guest unfortunately rowed themselves into oxygen debt on the high altitude course)

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